Payments accepted by   Bank Transfer, email me, I cannot take credit card.  Mail Order  minimum of 10.00 Insured p/p




New Firearms: Can be ordered through me, please remember I cannot undercut places like the Sportsman gun centre, I can sell you one at the same price as the Sportsman but I will also charge you a transfer fee of 25.00 and postage. This is the same price if you had a firearm sent to me and paid the transfer fee. Should you decide to order a firearm through me the full price will payable in advance. Should you cancel the order once placed you will be responsible of any restocking/administration/postage fees payable.

I can match and under cut other places.

You may by prior arrangement have a firearm sent to me for transfer on to your licence. As of 23/01/2022 this transfer fee will be 25.00. Delivery will be refused on any firearm sent without prior arrangement. 


S/H Section 1 Firearms


Make- BRNO  . Model- American 452 .  Type- Rifle .  Mechanism- Bolt Action.  Calibre- .17   











Description-  Excellent rifle in as new condition, just right for some long range bunny bashing.. Comes with a Free sound moderator if the  buyer has authority to possess and is fitted with a hawk scope.

Ref-10  . Price- 250.00.  Sold



Make-CVA  . Model- Bob cat.  Type-Rifle  .  Mechanism- Muzzle Loading .  Calibre-  36   













Description-  Unusual muzzle loader in a modern style and materials, ideal lightweight fun gun.

Ref-25  . Price- 200.00






Section 58











Section 58 Wall hangers.




Section 2 Firearms.




Make-  . Model- .  Type-  .  Mechanism- .  Calibre- ...    Description-  

Ref-  . Price-


Make-  . Model- .  Type-  .  Mechanism- .  Calibre- ...    Description-  

Ref-  . Price-