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Brass Cases
Case Cleaning
Ammo Boxes
Reloading Tools 1
Reloading Tools 2
Reloading Tools 3
Lee Upgrades
Bullet Coatings
Bullet Casting
Cleaning Kit
Bipods 1
Bipods 2
Gun Bags/Slips
Range Gear
Martini Henry
Brown Bess
Powder Storage
Gun Safes

I only sell Smokeless Powders,  Primers, Ammunition, Firearms and Black powder  face to face and I must see either a F.A.C.  S.G.C or Black powder licence to ensure that you have good reason to purchase them.

Ammunition: very difficult to get surplus ammunition what you see is what I've got. Civilian manufactured ammo available at a price.

Firearms:  New firearms , ordering information and second hand stock list.

Reloading:  Bullets, Primers, Nitro powder, Books

Brass cases: New and once fired brass cases,

Case Cleaning and Preparation Tumblers, Media and polish,

Ammo Boxes Plastic ammo boxes

Reloading Tools 1   Mostly Reloading presses and accessories

Reloading Tools 2  Mostly  Powder measures and accessories

Reloading Tools 3  Mostly Dies, Priming Equipment, Loading trays, Case conditioning and trimming, Resizing Lube, Kinetic hammers etc, etc,

Lee Upgrades. These are 3D  printed parts that will help you with your reloading and are designed to work with Lee reloading equipment.

Moly Coating/ Hexagonal Boron Nitride. Reloading  Bullet coating kits,  molly powder, HBN Powder, coating containers, Lyman Moly coating Kit

Bullet Casting Casting furnaces, flux, Moulds, tools, Ingot Moulds etc

Black powder : Percussion caps, Black powder, Wads, Files, Flasks, Equipment, etc

Cleaning Kit: Patches, Fluids, Sprays, Rods, Jags, Brushes,  etc

Chronographs: Garmin Xero C1 Box and accessories, second hand equipment

Sights/Optics: Telescopic sights new and second hand, Scope rings, Iron sights, etc.

Bipods 1  Fulcrum Extenders, Rear (Butt) bags, Caldwell front rifle rests and upgrade kits Etc.

Bipods 2 Bipods, adaptors, shooting sticks, sling studs,

Gun Cases: A range of quality soft gun cases for Scoped rifles, Un-scoped rifles,  Black powder rifles, Long barrelled pistols, shotguns.

Range Gear: Range mats , Breach flag, Grouping gauges

Martini Henry:  Reloading components for the 450/577MH rifle.

Snider:   .577 snider rifle.

Brown Bess Reloading components and accessories  for the Brown Bess and other .75 calibre muskets

Powder Storage: How to build instructions for  5Kg or 3Kg powder storage box. (Black or smokeless). Both comply with the MSER guidance.

Gun Safes: A range of quality safes from Westlander and BrattonSound All made to BS7558/92 and delivered to your door

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