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New Items:

Target Roll Dispenser

The rolls of 3.1" targets from Ally express or Temu are becoming increasing popular. They come in rolls of 100/200, give a clear indication of bullet strike, are self adhesive and relatively cheap.

The only drawback is a roll of targets in your range box quickly becomes a tangle of paper with targets stuck to other items.

This container holds one roll of targets inside with targets being dispense from the slot in the side. The top screws on so there is no chance of the lid coming off and scattering targets everywhere.

The price is for 1 container without targets.

Available in Red or Green (yellow no longer available) 10.00 Each



3D printed Breach Flag Set

Use as an added safety measure while transporting and storing rifles. Place a flag in an empty chamber as a visual confirmation that the chamber is clear. Made of a highly visible and rugged Orange PetG plastic. 

.22 Rimfire and 5.56/.223 type rifles only Shorter one is for .22 rim fire and the longer one is for centrefire calibres .223 (5.56) and has a reduced shank for ease of fit. While the long one can be used on calibres greater than 5.56/.223 it is very loose. The set consists of one short and one long Breach flag with Clear on the top side and reloading.org.uk on the bottom. 2.00 per set



.22 Rimfire and above. The Shorter one is for .22 rim fire and the longer one is for centrefire calibres .22 (5.56) upwards. The longer one has the same size shank as the .22 rimfire one and is a snug fit in calibres of that size. The set consists of one short and one long Breach flag with Clear on the top side and reloading.org.uk on the bottom. 2.00 per set



All grouping gauges can be supplied in Mil Rads on request.

Grouping Gauge


This grouping gauge is calibrated for  Minutes of Angle at 100 yards. There are 3 different sizes available one is for the .338, .30, .22   calibre rounds.

Grouping sizes are always measured from the centre of the bullet holes and the group is a circle from the centre of the 2 furthest away bullets that has all of your bullets contained within it. These gauges take the guesswork out of group by compensating for the size of the bullet therefore any group that can be fully contained by the hole is the indicated group size or smaller. Please state size when ordering. 8.00 each





As can be seen from this picture this 5 round group is easily contained by the 1/2" MOA hole so this group is less than 1/2" MOA, when measured with the 1/4" hole it was found that the group was to large to be contained therefore the group is slightly under 1/2" MOA




Custom Grouping Gauge

Custom grouping gauges can be made and will be similar to the above gauges but made for a calibre of your choice. Depending on the size of the calibre chosen the number of holes in the gauge may be less and the customer will be given the choice of losing sizes from the largest or smallest end of the gauge holes. There is approximately one working week lead time for theses 10.00


Very large custom grouping gauges

Few or single hole grouping gauges can be manufactured for rifles with varying degrees of inherent accuracy. Maximum size of any hole is 180 mm.

Maximum size of any gauge 180mm x 200mm

The one on the left is a 1, 2, 3 and 4MOA grouping gauge for a 60 cal

Price on application usually around 10.00 or less depending on complexity.






Roll up Range Mat




Made from high quality waterproof canvas with moisture proof padding. Features strong reliable carry handles & shoulder sling. Rolls up for compact transportation & storage. Rolled out dimensions 202 x 70 x 1.5cm Rolled up 22cm thick.  This mat is much thicker than the midway one. SOLD OUT














Case Mat, The gun slip that can be used as a range mat

A full-length rifle case designed to protect a scoped and silenced rifle & even a fitted lamp. One large and two slim pockets will accommodate a substantial variety of ammunition and accessories. The full-length zips allow the case to double as a resilient and comfortable shooting mat. A full-length shoulder strap and carrying handles ensure ease of use and movement. Length 49" Width zipped 13" Width open 26" Avalible in Black or Green  See under Gun slips