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You may find these guides helpful when dealing with the firearms licensing bureau in your area. I have found that if  you know what the guidelines are, and work within them, it makes life easier all round.

All the links below open an Adobe Acrobat  PDF File

(1) The manufacture and storage of explosives, (Draft ACOP, but very close to final version) 791 kb

(2) Enforcement regulations, (For Explosives) 81 kb

3) Hazard categories, ( For Explosives) 139 kb

(4) Police Guidence to the Firearms law, ( This is what the police have been told to  work from.)  1059 kb

(5) Firearm security. 893 kb

(6) BASC's  guide to the manufacture and storage of explosives (MSER) 2005,  173 kb

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