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Power Calculator: A simple calculator  for maximum bullet speed under the new 4500 joules limit. Also works out the joules of your ammunition if you know the speed also works out the Muzzle energy of your ammunition. You can download it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or use it online.

Target Shooting: Target shooting overview , Principles of Marksmanship, Target Shooting Equipment, Score cards and how to fill them in, Radio messages, Bisley marking explained, Wind and Elevation charts and other useful things as I add them. 

Printable Targets: Deer society targets, Scaled NRA targets, Zeroing targets, Buffalo, Deer, Man targets and more

Black Powder: Black Powder Shooting  overview, what Black Powder to use in what calibre gun, what charge to use, how to load Muzzle Loading Rifle, Revolver, Black Powder Cartridge and other useful things as I add them.

Legislation: Guides regarding  (1) The manufacture and storage of explosives, (2) Enforcement regulations, (3) Hazard categories, (4) Firearms law, (5) Firearm security, (6) BASC's guide to the manufacture and storage of explosives (MSER) 2005.

B.M.& B.L.G.C.This is one of the webmasters local clubs. If you are looking to join a shooting club in the Bristol area I can highly recommend  Bristol Muzzle and Breach Loading Gun Club. Most of the information, files and links are only relevant to members but if you're interested take a look. .

Firearms.  Pictures of firearms shot by the members of the BM&BLGC and B&D RPC on ranges around Bristol

Marksman Course. The Marksman Qualification Program is the National Rifle Association of America's most popular course. This course covers all the different shooting disciplines (handgun, light rifle, high-power rifle, sporting rifle, muzzle loading firearm). The course itself is very informal and is self paced. Well worth a go and can be done easily in the UK. Now includes the UK high power rifle qualification that has been endorsed by the NRA of America. Note NEW target requirements.