Target Shooting

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Wind & Elevation
Score Card
Misplaced Shots
Bisley Marking
Radio Messages
Range Commands
Range Types
Self Coaching

Reality versus Hollywood: In the movies shooting any kind of firearm and hitting a target is easy, you can be on the back of a horse galloping across rough country and still shoot the wings off a gnat at 100 yards.

In reality it is a little different, just try holding a pencil at arms length and keep the point on an object a few hundred yards away and you will see the first problem. People shake, you might notice your heart beating as the pencil point moves.

Having taken that in to account you settle down behind your firearm and consider how well is it made, is it a top of the line target rifle guaranteed to shoot 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards, or is it an ex-army rifle that was designed to hit a man anywhere in the chest at 100 yards. What is your ammunition like - is it top of the line match grade, or surplus ammunition from distant countries that may or may not produce ammunition that can hit a barn door!

Then you have got wind (usually externally) this can and does blow bullets off course, gravity also does its bit to stop the bullet hitting the target,

So why do we bother: Target shooting has a fascination all of its own, it is a sport that can be as serious or as much fun as you want. If you are interested in competing for England in the Olympics then that is an option, but most of us do not take it anywhere near this seriously. Most  people compete against themselves, trying to group their bullets that bit closer together than they did last time, competing against friends just for the fun of it, sometimes taking part in club competitions.

Targets: Some printable targets for you to download and print.

Marksmanship: A basic description of how to hold a rifle and various techniques to help you shoot more accurately. (Prone position)

Wind & Elevation: Wind and elevation tables to get you on target and how to read wind flags.

Score Cards: Score cards to help you keep track of the wind and elevation during a shoot. PowerPoint presentation on how to fill in a score card.

Misplaced Shots: Possible causes of shots being in a different place from the aim point .

Bisley Marking: How to interpret the Bisley marking system .

Radio Messages: Messages  passed between Firing point and Butts.

Range commands: Some of the commands you will hear on the range and what they mean.

Equipment: A run down of shooting equipment I have found useful when target shooting.

Range Types: The types of ranges and general advice as to the types of firearms that can be shot on them.

Self Coaching: Believe and it will happen or how to plan for success.


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