Misplaced Shots

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It must be appreciated  that grouping is the foundation of all good shooting. Unless a firer can consistently shoot a tight group  he/she will never attain a high standard of shooting. A tight group is achieved by eliminating basic errors of position, holding, aiming and firing. The group is a measure of consistency. 

Before Firing.

Before the Firer even takes up a firing position he/she should check:

a. That he/she is properly dressed and equipped

 b. His/her rear aperture, foresight element and elevation set are correct

 c. He/she has prepared his/her firearm properly for firing. He/she should then get down, align him/herself on the correct target and set up his/her telescope.

 d. His/her sling, handstop and eye relief are properly adjusted

 e. He/she is in a comfortable firing position with his/her telescope in the right place and his/her ammunition and scorebook accessible without disturbing his/her position. He/she should then try dry-firing a couple of times. This should show up any obvious faults which can be corrected before he/she starts to shoot


Misplaced Shots and Possible Causes

 a. High Shots

(1) Looking through the top of the aperture

(2) Aim acquired by dropping the left hand

(3) Butt too low in the shoulder

(4) Failure to relax the left arm

b. High Right Shots

(1) Loose sling

(2) Looking through right side of aperture

(3) Left hand too far back

(4) Applying pressure across the trigger instead of straight back

 c. Right Shots

(1) Loose sling

(2) Faulty positioning of left elbow

(3) Left hand pushing right

d. Low Right Shots

(1) Loose sling

(2) Right elbow slipping

(3) Sights canted to right

(4) Trigger snatching

e. Low Shots

(1) Loose sling

(2) Aim corrected by raising left hand

(3) Foresight low in the aperture

(4) Finger too low on the trigger

f Low Left Shots

(1) Sling too tight

(2) Sights canted to left

(3) Finger incorrectly positioned on trigger

(4) Pushing with right shoulder

g. Left Shots

(1) Left hand pulling left

(2) Sling too tight

h. High left Shots

(1) Excessive pressure of cheek on butt

The list is not comprehensive. Where left and right are specified it is for a right handed shot. The opposite applies in the case of left handers. A large proportion of inaccurate shots result from faulty alignment or incorrect centring of the foresight in the rear aperture or from faulty trigger operation.