Printable Targets

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Here are some targets for you to print out.

These targets are either my creation or have been found on other websites and are thought to be copyright free.

If you hold the copyright of any of these images please contact me.

NRA High Muzzle energy direct fire targets

NRA HME Direct Fire 200 yard target scaled for 100 yards. This target is useful when a 100 yards  HME cleared range is available before travelling to a HME  cleared military range and doing the 200 yard HME test using the NRA HME direct fire target.

NRA HME Direct Fire 200 yard target The target used when doing the 200 yard HME test when your rifle is capable of being zeroed at 200 yards.


Deer Zeroing Targets

100yd Zeroing Target.pdf As used by the Deer society.

100yd Zeroing Target hollow diamond.pdf As used by the Deer society but with hollow diamonds in the centre.

100yd Zeroing Target large diamond.pdf As used by the Deer society but with a second larger hollow diamond in the centre. Useful if your scope cross hairs are a bit thick.

100yd Zeroing Target for 200yds.pdf   Deer society type target, for .243/308 Winchester .Set this target at 100 yards and aim at the lower diamond, adjust your scope until the bullets hit the central diamond. You can now aim at a target and the bullet should fall within that circle out to 200 yards.


100 Yard Minute of Angle (MOA) Zeroing Target An 8" by 8" Grid target marked in Minutes of angle and quarter minutes of angle.

100 Meter Milliradians (Mrad or Mill Rad) Zeroing Target A 2 Mil Rad by 2 Mil Rad grid target marked in Mil Rads and in tenths of a Mil Rad.

Ladder target.pdf This target has 3 aim points and is use when developing a load to check for vertical spread when trying different powder loads or seating depths.


NRA 100 yard Target.pdf This is a 200 yard target scaled down to be the same size optically  at 100 yards. Just right for getting some practice in at shorter ranges.

NRA 200yrd target centre.pdf  Print this target out A4 size. This will give you the Bull and Inner rings of a 200yd target. To be shot at 200yrds.

NRA 200yrd target to enlarge to A3.pdf Print this target out A4 size and then enlarge up to A3 on a photocopier,  The target will then be the correct size for an NRA 200yrd target.

This gives you the Bull, Inner and Magpie rings. To be shot at 200yrds.

100 to 250 yd Zeroing Target.pdf Similar to the type of target used on the zeroing range at Bisley.

Muzzle loading pistol target.pdf Oval race track type target for 25yard muzzle loading pistol shooting, A4 size but should be enlarged to A3 if possible

Target round.pdf

Target round black.pdf

B&W figure 11 running man.pdf Standard Army running man target but reduced to A4.The target is 6.8 times smaller than real life assuming a height of 177 cm. So if you wanted to simulate a running figure at 100y yards you would need to put it 6.8 times closer which is approximately 14.7 yards. This is a very crude  ball park method.

B&W running man head target.pdf Just the head of the running man.

Buffalo. PDF

Deer picture.pdf

Large deer.pdf